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Exploring Multidisciplinary Approaches for Innovatory strategies on Women’s Health, Obstetrics and Gynecology
- Global Women Health 2018

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Global Women Health 2018 will be organized by Allied Academies. It is an amalgamation of several esteemed academic and scientific associations known for promoting scientific temperament. Every year it hosts interdisciplinary international conferences worldwide on cutting-edge basic and applied research in life sciencesPharma, MedicineHealthcare and Nursing delivered by the best talents in industry and academia. Allied Academies conferences are oriented to drive the scientific community at large, facilitating access to the newest scientific and technical achievements and to shape future research directions through the publication of applied and theoretical research findings of the highest quality and aims to gather the Researchers, experts, principal investigators and researchers working under academia, Scientists, students, healthcare industry and Business Delegates, across the globe to provide an international forum for the dissemination of original research results, new ideas and practical development experiences.
Global Women health 2018 refers to the health of women that contrasts from that of a male in a few normal ways. Women Health conferences achieve the advancements of late improvements of different researchers with various ideas and thoughts. 
Global Women Health 2018 Conference will give a down to earth refresh on a full scope of normal however controversial issues in women’s health. We invite you to our site to join us. It is an impeccable stage where you can learn and share the information for specialists and newcomers clearly to trade cutting edge progresses in approach and thoughts, and in addition layout promising avenues for synergistic research.

Scientific Sessions

Session 1. Women Health

Elevating appreciation of the interesting needs of women patients and women medicinal services providers have made a requirement for inventive instructive programs on women's health. The exceptional medical problems are the physical well-being encounters of women after birth and fetus removal. Women can have a healthy gestation by getting appropriate, early and standard pre-birth mind and furthermore suggested a few tests for cervical growth, breast cancer, and bone density screenings. Gestation complications include health problems that occur during gestation, can include infant's well being, mother's well being or both. Eating routine and sustenance assumes a noteworthy part of gestation period which incorporates Protein rich veg eating regimen and Calcium rich recipes.

Session 2. Gynecology and Obstetrics

These are the two medical specialties that deal with the two different aspects of the female reproductive system. Gynecology is the word derived from the oblique stem of Greek language which means Woman Study also it is the medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive systems, breasts and their complaints like gynecological diseases, fertility, pregnancy, contraception, etc. whereas Obstetrics deals with pregnancy and its related methodology and complexities. The field of obstetrics hence manages the prosperity of the pregnant mother as well as the delivery and healthy outcome. Obstetricians nearly work with the Pediatricians and Neonatologists to manage the care of the newly conceived child to diminish the odds of mortality and sickness of the newly conceived.

Session 3. Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is the arrangement of regular changes that happens in female regenerative framework (particularly the uterus and ovaries) experiences to get ready for a conceivable pregnancy. About once per month, the uterus grows another, thickened coating (endometrium) that can hold a fertilized egg. At the point when there is no fertilized egg to begin a pregnancy, the uterus at that point sheds its coating. This is the month to month menstrual bleeding (likewise called menstrual period) that you have from your initial high schooler years. Up to 80% of women report having a few side effects amid the one to two weeks preceding monthly cycle. Basic side effects incorporate skin break out, swelling, feeling drained, delicate bosoms, mindset changes, and peevishness. These indications interfere with routine life and in this way qualify as a premenstrual issue in 20 to 30% of women. In 3 to 8%, they are not kidding. There are three periods of the menstrual cycle. They are the Menstrual period, Follicular stage and luteal stage or premenstrual stage

Session 4. PCOD & PCOS

These two (Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)) are the diseases associated with the ovaries.

Multiple cysts that are formed in the ovaries leads to the Poly-cystic ovarian disease (PCOD), these are occurring when the regular changes of a menstrual cycle are disrupted. The ovary is enlarged and produces excessive amounts of androgen and estrogenic hormones along with the absence of ovulation. This may cause infertility. If it is not diagnosed properly, it may lead to obesity and high cholesterol leading to cardiovascular diseases.


• Weight gain
• Menstrual disorders
• Acne
• Abnormal hair growth on face
• Hair fall from scalp
• Insulin resistance

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder in women when they are affected in more than one ways. Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual cycle. One-fourth population of women is having multiple follicles are produced every year. The exact cause of PCOS is unknown. Early diagnosis and treatment along with weight loss may reduce the risk of long-term complications such as type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


• Irregular periods
• Acne
• Weight gain
Session 5. Reproductive Endocrinology and infertility

Reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) is a surgical special training to the physicians of gynecology in reproductive medicine addressing hormonal functioning as it pertains to reproduction as well as the issue of infertility. Most REI specialists mainly focus on the treatment of infertility, reproductive endocrinologists are trained to also evaluate and treat hormonal dysfunctions in females and males outside infertility. They have special training in gynecology before they undergo sub-specialty training in REI. This technology which is used to achieve pregnancy artificially is known as the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). ART includes procedures namely fertility medication, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy.

Session 6. Effect of drugs on Pregnancy

Majority of the pregnant women are exposed to medication during pregnancy where it is a special physiological condition where treatment of drug is a vital concern. The physiology of pregnancy affects the pharmacokinetics of medication. Some medications used by the pregnant women may harm to the fetus along with them. Many medications are taken without the physician’s advice or before recognition of pregnancy. Medications frequently used by the pregnant women are Vitamins, Analgesics, Diuretics, Anti Emetics, sedatives, and laxatives.

Medication cannot be avoided totally because some may have chronic prophylactic conditions that require continuous treatment for epilepsy, asthma, and hypertension. The new medical conditions may develop and causes a major problem for childbearing women to take medication whether prescribed, OTC (Over-The-Counter) or Herbal medication. There has been great awareness about toxic effects of medication on the unborn child since Thalidomide era.
Session 7. Midwifery and Paediatrics primary health care

Midwifery is nothing but Obstetrics. It is a medical science and health profession that concerns with pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period which includes care of the newborn, besides sexual and reproductive health of women right through their lives. Midwifery is a separate profession from nursing, while there is a compressed training route for registered adult nurses.

Pediatric primary health care encompasses health supervision and anticipatory guidance, physical, mental, the social prosperity of children from the embryonic stage to puberty. Pediatricians deliver outstanding healthcare to children because of their training which includes 4 years of therapeutic school education plus an additional four more years of intensive training devoted solely and with the total professional commitment to all aspects of medical care for children and adolescents. It incorporates community resources, needs, strengths and risk factors, and sociocultural sensitivities into strategies for care delivery and clinical practice.
Session 8. Breast Feeding and Common Breast Conditions

Breastfeeding is good for baby health and also for maternal health. Breast milk provides the excellent nutrition for infants which includes vitamins, proteins, and fat and also contains antibodies that help baby fight off viruses and bacteria. Breastfeeding Babies who are breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months, without any formula, have fewer ear infections, respiratory illnesses and bouts of diarrhea also lower the risk of having asthma or allergies. Breastfeeding mothers also have some benefits like breastfeeding burns extra calories, so that it can help to lose their pregnancy weight faster. It releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps women uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size and may reduce the uterine bleeding after childbirth. Also, it lowers the risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis too.     

Session 9. Neonatology Screening

Neonatology is a subspecialty of pediatrics that comprises of medical care of new-born infants, particularly the ill or premature newborn. It is a hospital-based specialty and is usually practiced in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). The essential patients of neonatologists are new-born infants who are sick or require special medical care due to prematurity, low birth weight, intra-uterine growth hindrance, congenital malformations (birth defects), sepsis, pulmonary hyperplasia or birth asphyxia.

Neonatal Screening is a public health program of screening in infants not long after birth for a list of conditions that are treatable, yet not clinically evident in the newborn period. This test looks for developmental, genetic, and metabolic disorders in the new-born baby. This enables steps to be taken before symptoms develop. Most of these sicknesses are exceptionally uncommon, however, can be dealt with if gotten early

Session 10. Abortion and Women health

Abortion is nothing but the termination of pregnancy. Women considering an abortion must be provided with accurate information about the procedure and its possible effects on their health not least because it is most often carried out on healthy women. It is a safe medical procedure if it is extensively documented. Major complications are rare, occurring in less than ¼ of one percent of procedures. They are safe as they are performed in a variety of clinical settings which includes clinics, hospitals, and doctors offices. Abortion restrictions may put a woman’s physical and emotional safety at risk. Limited abortion access may result in more women being unable to terminate unwanted pregnancies, keeping them in contact with violent partners. This puts both women and their children at increased risk of violence

Session 11. Complications during Pregnancy
Breast disease

In view of the age, hormone levels, and medications that have taken may cause lumps, bumps, and discharges (fluids that are not breast milk) women may experience breast changes in some time. If women have a breast lump, pain, skin irritation or discharge they have to concern the healthcare professional. Minor and serious breast problems may have comparable symptoms while numerous women may have a fear of cancer, yet most issues are not the malignancy.

Common breast changes are
• Fibrocystic breast changes
• Fibro adenomas
• Cysts
• Blocked milk ducts
• Intraductal papilloma
• Milk production when a woman is not breastfeeding

Uterine disease

Uterus, or womb, is the place where a baby grows when a woman is pregnant. The first sign of a problem with the uterus may be bleeding between periods or after sex.

• Hormones
• Thyroid problems
• Fibroids
• Polyps
• Cancer
• Infection or pregnancy

For this treatment depends on the cause. Sometimes birth control pills treat hormonal imbalances. In endometriosis, tissue grows outside the uterus. In adenomyosis, it grows in the uterus outside walls. For Pain, medicine may help and for other treatments include hormones and surgery.

Diagnosis and Tests
• Hysterosalpingography
• Ultrasound-pelvic
• Hysteroscopy 
• Pelvic exam

Ovarian Cancer
Overgrowth of cells in ovaries is known as ovarian cancer. Ovaries are conceptive organs found only in females and these deliver ova for proliferation. Ovaries are made up of three principal sorts of cells. They are Epithelial tumors, Germ cell tumors, Stromal Tumors. In the U.S around 22,440 women are expected to receive a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, and around 14,080 are expected to die from this disease in the year 2017.

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Allied Academies, the largest Open Access Publisher, and Scientific Events Organizer, publishing more than 400 Open Access journals and organizing more than 300 scientific events per year also offers membership to students. World Congress on Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women Health Committee would like to invite speakers to submit their research for inclusion in the Global Women Health 2018 scientific program.

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The Young Researchers Forum offers young researchers the possibility to meet and discuss research topics and methodologies, share and develop ideas, learn from each other and gain knowledge from senior researchers.
Young Researcher Sessions are organized at the World Congress on Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women Health, to provide a unique platform for Young Researchers/Investigators for presenting latest research projects with an in-depth analysis. Allied Academies cordially invites Young Researchers from Universities/Institutes/Industries to present a short oral presentation during the forum. These oral presentations should be of 10 minutes duration in related scientific track followed by 5 minutes question hour. Therefore, presenters are encouraged to give comprehensive and dynamic talks. Applications will be selected based on past research productivity and future promise.

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Market Analysis

    Global Women health-2018 invites participants, moderators, and exhibitors from everywhere throughout the world to Bangkok, Thailand. We are pleased to welcome all of you to go to and enroll for the "World Congress on Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women Health" (Global Women health-2018), with the theme "Exploring Multidisciplinary Approaches for Innovatory Strategies on Women's Health and Gynecology" which will be held amid September 06-07, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. The Organizing committee is preparing for an exciting and instructive conference including entire addresses, symposium, workshops on a variety of topics, poster presentations, and different projects for members from everywhere throughout the world. We welcome you to go along with us at Global Women health-2018, where you will make sure to have a significant involvement with researchers from around the globe. All individuals from the Global Women health-2018 arranging advisory group anticipate meeting you in Bangkok, Thailand. 
Why Bangkok?
    Bangkok has been Thailand's predominant city since the eighteenth century. Established as the capital in 1767 after the fall of the ancient city of Ayutthaya, Bangkok is located on one of southeastern Asia's most important rivers, the Chao Phraya. In the 1990s, Bangkok experienced fast modernization, developing to around ten million individuals, making this the main significant city in a nation of towns and residential communities. Bangkok's ancient palaces and Buddhist temples contrast with high rises and traffic jams. Dense air pollution blankets the city. In fact, police directing traffic are required to wear masks. In any case, regardless of present-day issues, Bangkok is a noteworthy vacationer goal, drawing a large number of guests every year. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thailand received 30 million tourists, of which up to 16 million or 53%, came for medical and wellness treatments. Tourists who specifically sought medical treatments came in at 857,086 and about 15 million came for wellness. International patients are from the Middle East countries such as Oman and the United Arab Emirates, China, Myanmar, U.S. and European countries. Private Hospitals in Bangkok serve more than 43% of medical tourists coming to Asia.

 Scope and Importance:
     The maternity specialist works in association with women, isolated master obligation, to give women the essential enable, care and to give counseling in the midst of pregnancy, labor and postnatal depression period up to a month and a half, to give birth and to offer care to the newborn child.
     The birthing associate appreciates progress and empowers the physiological techniques of pregnancy and labor, perceives confusions that may arise in mother and newborn child, gets to legitimate therapeutic help, and executes emergency measures as basic. 
     Birthing specialists have a key part in prosperity and health progression and preparing for the woman, her family, and the gathering. Maternity mind practice incorporates lighting up and setting up the woman and her family for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenthood and joins certain parts of women's prosperity, family organizing, and infant youngster success.
     The birthing pro may practice in any setting, including the home, the gathering, mending focuses, or in some other maternity advantage. In all settings, the maternity pro remains skilled and in charge of the care, she gives.
      World Wide Women Health Market Analysis
    The global women health market was esteemed at USD 36.5 billion out of 2016 and is expected to develop at a CAGR of 3.9% over the conjecture time frame. Expanding female geriatric populace, undesirable way of life, positive government approaches and activities by private associations, alongside the presentation of new medicines for ladies are factors in charge of development. On the idea of application, the women’s health market has been segmental into biological time pathology, sterility, adenomyosis, contraceptives, menopause, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. 

     Hospitals associated with Gynecology and Obstetrics
         Bumrungrad International Hospital
         SAFE Fertility Center
         Bangkok Hospital
         BNH Hospital
         Takara IVF Bangkok
         Sikarin Hospital
         The Bangkok Christian Hospital
         Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital
         Praram 9 Hospital
         BNH Medical Centre
         Ekchai Khowawisan
         Sukhumvit Hospital
         Bangkok Adventist Hospital
   World Wide Universities offering Obstetrics/Gynecology Courses
University of Kent, UK
Mahidol University, Bangkok
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
University of Wyoming, USA
Chulabhorn international college of Medicine, Thailand
University of Malaya, Malaysia
University of Otago, Newzland
University of Nottingham, UK
Edith Cowan University, Australia
University of Alberta, Canada
University of New Castle, Australia
University of Auckland, Newzland
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
University of Dundee, UK
University of Bristol, UK
University of Leeds, UK
Monash University, Australia
University of Cambridge, UK
University of Manchester, UK
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University of London   

        Global Industries operating in the women health market
         Bayer AG
         Merck& Co. Inc.
         Pfizer Inc.
         Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
         Agile Therapeutics
         Amgen Inc.
         Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and
         Ferring B.V.

Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Wassil Nowicky
Director Nowicky Pharma & President -Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute
Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute
Vienna, Austria
OCM Member
Associate professor in Gynecology-Obstetric Faculty of medicine Tunis-Tunisia
El Manar University of Tunis
Tunis, Tunisia
OCM Member
Dr.Manjubala Dash
Head Of the Department , Dept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Nursing
Gorimedu, India
OCM Member
Dr.Wilson I. B. Onuigbo
Pathology Department, Medical Foundation & Clinic
8 Nsukka Lane, Nigeria
OCM Member
Sheashaa A
Proffessor, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Cairo University
cairo, Egypt

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